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At the time that GEA made a submission to the Henry Review into Taxation little was made of its passing in the association yet it has turned out to be a great winner for us in promoting Georgist philosophy. The Mining Rental Resources Tax was however wanted by the Rudd Government because it is a sure revenue builder not so for the Georgist philosophy behind it. Yet GEA can now be thankful our submission is allied with others of Georgist ilk because the Resources legislation is expected to pass the lower house in Parliament. Of 187 substantial Recommendations made by Dr Henry and his committee the Rudd/Gillard government was only interested in the Mining Resources Rental Tax so that really stands out.

The chances of legislation passing the Senate to become law ought to be reasonable in spite of the coalition's  very strong opposition; for a defeat could spark an unpopular general election in which further damage to the poor polling  of the Opposition is likely, so it ought to be wisely avoided.
My further comment is how relatively easy it is for governments under the Westminster system (examples are UK, NZ, Canada, Australia) to pass legislation compared to the American Republican system. It is a comment Americans have ruefully admitted for at least many decades. The bargaining and general political processes in respect to getting all parties to agree to legislation is similar in some respects for these competing systems yet the American's can only look on with wonder when they observe the Australian Parliament's successes.
A particular doctrine of liberal democracies such as USA and Australia is the separation of powers between the arms of government such as the executive and legal arms. Our Westminster system performs a better job. Does it make you wonder why we should change to an American style Republic, with it's politicised Head of State as so frequently advocated? Georgist's keep on with the processes including lobbying and surely crowning successes will be achieved.

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